About Our Products

We believe in a reciprocal relationship with our earth.  This means every product we carry either uses the earth to benefit us, or it can be used by us to benefit the earth. 

We believe plants offer a lot of benefits to us that we don't need to ruin by adding harmful and toxic ingredients.  For the benefit of our own health, the health of our families, and the health of our consumers, we strive to live toxin-free, and offer toxin-free products.

We favor makers who use eco-friendly practices and organic ingredients.  We carry items to help lessen your carbon footprint.

We realize that mindfulness is the primary way we can continue to soften our impact on our planet.  With that being said, we are continuously trying to learn more ways to be mindful of how our products and practices effect the planet, and are always open to constructive feedback regarding those products and practices.  If you have suggestions for us, we can be reached at earthpothecary@gmail.com.