About Our Services

Stephanie Evans is a certified Meditation Practitioner with the Complimentary Therapies Accredited Association, as well as with The Priority Academy.

Stephanie offers in-person meditation coaching, online meditation coaching, group meditation sessions, as well as personalized meditation practice building assistance.  This means, if you've never meditated before, Stephanie can walk you through where to begin, what kind of meditator you are naturally, how to get the most out of meditation and how to grow your practice.

Stephanie offers spiritual coaching to help you open up to spirituality without strict adherence to any particular religion.  This typically involves specific meditation practices, journaling with guided prompts, and other practices based on individual client needs and coach recommendations.

Stephanie also offers mindfulness coaching, which is particularly useful for children, although many adults benefit as well. 

Individual meditation coaching sessions and bundles of meditation coaching sessions are available on our catalog.  We can also customize packages for groups or individuals.  Inquire by emailing earthpothecary@gmail.com