About My Services

Hi!  I’m Stephanie Evans and I am a Meditation Coach and Life Purpose Coach.

What is Life Purpose Coaching?

I spent years working in Human Resources as a recruiter.  That means I matched applicants to appropriate positions within the company I worked for based on their resume and interviews.  I helped management figure out what qualities were important for which positions.  

When I dived into a daily meditation practice in 2019, I quickly realized that answers that we seek are all around us.  With Life Purpose Coaching, I will guide you in how to seek and find those answers in your own life.  I’ll show you how to use your past experiences to create a map of where you’re going.  This isn’t limited to career, although it certainly helps in that area.
If you’re interested in Life Purpose Coaching, please email me at earthpothecary@gmail.com.  We can schedule a call to see if Life Purpose Coaching is right for you.
I am a certified Meditation Practitioner with the Complimentary Therapies Accredited Association, as well as with The Priority Academy.  If you are interested in Meditation Coaching, please also inquire at the email address above.